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What is ShinePages?

ShinePages are a quick and easy way to build a store and customize your Shopify store and add new Templates and Sections directly to your current theme. We follow the Online Store 2.0 standard, caused that it is compatible with all themes. As you know each Shopify theme just provided limited Sections of layouts. And if you want more layouts or sections for your store for each page type you should do it for yourself or hire a developer to do it with much cost.

What can I do with ShinePages?

You can create all page type templates like: home page, collection list, collection page, product details page, blog page, article page, about us, FAQ page…. You can use our unlimited section block we made to create any page type with your way, without any knowledge of code and design skills. With ShinePages combined with a Free theme from Shopify, you can build a professional store (saved $250 - $450)

What is the difference between ShinePages with other page builders?

As you know, other page builders are built in the Editor. We have not done that yet! We think merchants should use the default Shopify's Editor. That is the best, everyone can understand and can use without knowledge of design and coding skills. We build a pragmatic set of libraries. Meaning practical and useful. That helps you easily set up any kind of store for your business like PRO. We have a desire that this product is really for those who launch their business quickly, through building the store like a professional business unit, in the simplest way with the lowest cost.

Can I add templates or sections to more than one theme in my store?

Yes, you can add unlimited themes in your store.

Can I use the templates or sections on any theme?

Yes, if your store has any theme, while adding templates and sections we will show all of them for you to choose which theme you would like to install.

Can I use a template or section on every page?

Yes, if your theme supports Online Store 2.0 then you can use sections, templates at any page type. If your theme currently does not support Online Store 2.0 , you can still use it at home page, and if you want to use it at another page, please contact our support team then we can help you setup for FREE.

How many templates and sections I can install?

Our pricing plan will have exactly a number of templates and sections you can use.

Can I transfer a template or section to another Shopify store?

Yes, we can help you to do that. Please contact us via live chat then we can help you move any template or section to any store you want.

Will I still have access to the template or section if I downgrade my monthly subscription?

Yes, You can continue to use all templates or sections you installed with your previous pricing plan. Other page builders when downgrading can not be edited but our app allows you to edit all yet. (this is very special) You just do not add more templates or sections limited with your new pricing plan.

Will I still have access to the template or section if I uninstall the app?

No. If you uninstall our app, you will not continue to use all templates or sections yet. All layouts will be broken because all CSS and Javaillegalscript files related to our app in your store will be removed. Please note, before uninstalling our app, do Remove all templates or sections you installed.

How do I get in touch with someone?

You can go live chat with us immediately to solve your problem quickly. We know our app is not 100% perfect, but we will try our best to help clients immediately to not affect their business at any time. We also love to hear more from you feedback about our app to make it easy for you and other merchants too.

When are you releasing new templates and sections?

Our design team is always working hard to deliver more designs, templates and sections each week. So if you want you also tell us your design style you want then our team can refer to quickly release then you can use them.